FIBERuary Day 14    Copper Dye Recipe    Carole Adams


For all you dyers out there this is a simple recipe for making a wonderful blue dye.  The color of blue will vary depending on your water source.  All fibers seem to take this dye.


Copper tubing, wire or lots of copper pennies (I used copper pipe from a plumbing job)

Gallon Glass Jar with Lid (a pickle jar is good)

1 Quart clean ammonia ( NOT SUDSY)

3 Quarts water


Place the copper into the gallon jar, pour in the 1 quart of ammonia and the 3 quarts of water.   Cover and let stand for 1 week or so until the color turns from a light blue to a deep royal blue.  Now it’s ready to use. Drop a handful of wet, clean fleece, yarn, silk or cotton in.  You don’t need to stir it but don’t let it sit on top.  Take it out within 15 minutes, If you want it darker you may put it back in .  Leaving the fiber in for longer than 30 minutes may cause damage to the fiber.  This dye can be used for approximately 8 months then new ammonia can be added.    I think its best to make a new solution.  Colors will vary from blue-green to a deep royal blue depending on your water source.

Have fun.  I would love to have you send me pictures of your dyed fiber    Carole












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