Welcome to all

Day one of FIBERuary


Three or Four year ago I discovered WOVEMBER.  I learned so much from the wonderful folks that wrote daily blogs.  From knitter to spinners and weavers to dyers and writer’s of knitting books.  Everything I needed to know about British Wool was in the blog.  I still look forward to WOVEMBER each November 1st.  

My love of wool started as a child.  The smell of wet woolen mittens, the warmth of  old woolen blankets bring back those memories.  Incidents in my life sent me looking for a new hobby and in my many visits to Old Sturbridge Village, Spinning was the thing that caught my eye.  WEBS had classes but only in Springfield .  I signed up and rented a Traditional Ashford Wheel from them.   My teacher was Deb Robson, spinner extraordinaire, writer of so many wonderful and helpful books, Spin Off fame and a patient teacher.  I was truly lucky


 That day in 1983 changed my life completely.  I remember saying firmly I will not get sheep.   It was an easy thing to say but after moving from a city to the country sheep I did get and still have.  Life has so may ups and downs but through it all I have spun.  I have met lifelong friends, started a small business, taught spinning first at Hampshire College then at my home and Sheep and Shawl Shop.   I dyed wool till my hands seemed to be permanently dyed purple.  I have traveled to Ireland and Scotland always with wool and spinning on my mind.  In Ireland I bought  a wonderful Spinning Wheel from James Shiel and spin on it still. I have a room filled with boxes of wool and handspun yarn.  

Many other things have come from Spinning.  I took a 4 year weaving course from Hill Institute, learned to make baskets from trees and willow, felted so many things and now I hook rugs with yarn (from my supply of many lifetimes).

I have shared my dream of FIBERuary with Liz Sorenson of Sheep and Shawl  and she and I are on this journey together to share this love of all fiber things with you.


Woolgatheres -Sheep to Shawl Contest at the Maryland Sheep an Wool Festival some years ago.    Myself and Debbie spinning, Renee’ at the loom and Lynn getting the fleece ready for us to spin

Please feel free to comment we would love your feed back.

Carole Whispering Pines Farm

Liz Sheep and Shawl 


  1. I just loved reading the post! Yes, we have had hands of many colors after dyeing, and such good times at spinning and sheep to shawl events! What a great treat in February to have FIBERuary! Thanks so much!


    1. Thank you olannand love your knitting magazine. Where in Ireland are you located? My daughter and I are planning a trip to West Cork in November and Kerry Woolen Mills will be a stop and The knitting shop in Bantry (if it’s still there) will be another. Best wishes Carole


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